Innovating in the world of E-commerce might not be impossible. 

Awonna assimilates into the shopping experience new components, which increase engagement with your brand. 

Awonna’s unique approach leverages a predisposed characteristic in the human psyche, the need to play and the desire to win. 

Awonna successfully merges E-commerce websites into the world of gaming and chance, creating an impact on referral marketing and retention.

The psychological aspects of gaming. 

Gaming is an activity that crosses all cultures and societies, we evolve from playing hide and seek online games with multiple players. But what are the underlined motivations that attract us to engage in gaming:

One of the psychological attributes that draw us to play is the achievement component, which includes the want to advance and to win in the game.

Another is the interest in the rules and system of the game, and the “want” to compete with others. Next is the social component, which is the “want” to form connections with others by sharing our success and experience.

Awonna mobilizes gamification, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to increase referrals & email marketing conversions.

functional e-commerce experience

adorable and surprising playground


leverages website’s retention rate

Take your game to another level.

When the consumer feels like they have won the discount, the usage of coupons is 10X higher than as of an ordinary coupon.

E-commerce's’ retention and referral efforts status:

As an e-commerce owner, you know that your own customers are your most valuable asset

Global statistics, position Email Marketing as the number one tool to retain customers.

However, the numbers shows 17% open rate, and only 2.4% CTR

awonna’s ecosystem enables you to

boost your emails’ open rate by up to 40%

boost your emails’ CTR by up to 20%!

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